The Geopolitics of the Energy Transformation

INTRODUCTION The centre of the global energy outlook has been influenced by renewables. Technological advances and decreasing costs have made renewables grow more rapidly in contrast to other energy sources. …

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The Future of Petrochemicals

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Petrochemical products are everywhere … Petrochemicals, which turn oil and gas into all sorts of daily products – such as plastics, fertilisers, packaging, clothing, digital devices, medical equipment, …

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World Energy Outlook 2018

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY HOW IS THE WORLD OF ENERGY CHANGING? In the New Policies Scenario, rising incomes and an extra 1.7 billion people, mostly added to urban areas in developing economies, …

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Energy Transitions in G20 Countries

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Diverse Energy Transitions in G20 Countries G20 countries lead energy transitions globally as their governments foster sustainable economic development and a cleaner energy future. Energy transitions are driven …

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Solar Generation’s Imbalance

SUMMARY: After claiming “Even with super-cheap batteries, we can’t run 100% of the world on solar just yet.”, Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s CEO, Micheal Liebreich, who is more on the …

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