Terms for individual membership is as follows;

  • Full adoption of the objectives and working aspects determined in the Articles 2 and 3 of our founding Articles of Association,
  • Acquiescence to the payment of the one-off registration fee and the annual fee (and fines if any) by no later than June 30th each year,
  • Possessing the conditions stipulated in the relevant Laws and Regulations and to have not been involved in any prohibited activities under the Law of Associations in force,
  • Individuals with the legal capacity to act should be recognized for their research, studies, tasks, services and works on energy or the relationship between energy and environment.

The final decision on any written requests for membership are to be reviewed by the Administrative Board and concluded either as an approval or rejection of the membership.

The application can be made with the following documents attached to the Registration Form;

  • Professional experience,
  • List of published works about energy,
  • 3 passport size photos,
  • Two reference letters from existing members.

The membership fee for individual members in 2019 is 150,00 TL.

Note: A one-off membership subscription fee, equal in amount to that of membership fee on the date of subscription, is also expected on the date of entry.