The Year in Energy

1) US oil production soared past expectations A year ago, the Energy Information Administration forecast that US crude production would rise in 2018 by a little under 600,000 barrels a …

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The Week in Energy: Capturing Carbon

In addressing the threat of global warming, capturing and storing the carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuel power plants is widely seen as a necessity. Back in 2009, John Ashton, …

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Why Natural Gas Prices Are Breaking Out?

Major disconnects between prices and fundamentals don’t last forever. And when these disconnects revert back to the fundamentals, prices can move quickly and investors can make a lot of money. …

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Can Green Bonds Help Us Manage Climate Risk?

This autumn, Affirmative Investment Management (AIM) participated in the annual Ny-Ålesund Symposium, which focused on climate risks. It was timed just ahead of the release of the 2018 UN Intergovernmental …

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