Energy Management /2

In the second session of the ISO50001 Energy Management trainings in the WEC Workshop Program, Endoks Esco Coordinator Arif KÜNAR was our guest. KÜNAR provided training on “Energy Efficiency and Energy Transition.”


Renewable Energy 101 / 1

Chairman of the Board of Biodiesel Industry Association Selçuk BOROVALI was our guest in the first of  Renewable Energy – 101 trainings in the WEC Workshop Program. The subject of “Today and Tomorrow of the Biodiesel Sector in the Turkey and World” has been trained by BOROVALI.


Electricity Market in Turkey and Administrative Sanctions
Mehmet İBİŞ

“Turkey Electricity Market and Administrative Sanctions” training program has begun in the WEC Workshop. The trainings were carried out by EMRA Chairman Advisor, Mehmet İBİŞ.




Natural Gas 101 / 6
Dr. Cenk PALA

In the last of the Natural Gas 101 trainings, Equinor Turkey Deputy Chair, Dr. Cenk PALA was our guest in the WEC Workshop Program. PALA provided training on “Pipeline Policies and Turkey”.


Progress of the Energy Sector in the World and Turkey and Career Steps from His Own Perspective
İbrahim Sinan AK

In the second meeting of the CEO Meetings Program,  Zorlu Energy Sector President İbrahim Sinan AK was our guest within the scope of WEC Workshop events. AK provided training on”Progress of the Energy Sector in the World and Turkey and Career Steps from Its Own Perspective”.


LNG Trends and Regional Effects

Within the scope of WEC Workshop Istanbul events, CEO of Koloğlu Holding Cantekin DİNÇERLER was our guest in the first of the CEO Meetings Program. DİNÇERLER provided training on “LNG Trends and Regional Effects”.


Natural Gas 101 / 2
Erdinç ÖZEN

In the second training of Natural Gas 101 Program, TANAP Business Corporation Manager, Erdinç ÖZEN was our guest. ÖZEN provided training for “Natural Gas Market in Turkey” at WEC Workshop.



Natural Gas 101 / 1

In the first training of Natural Gas 101 Program, ADG Anatolian Natural Gas Consultancy Partner and Company Manager, Gökhan YARDIM was our guest. YARDIM provided training for Global Natural Gas Market in WEC Workshop.


Applied Electricity Markets Training

Applied Electricity Markets Training was given by EPİAŞ on 17-18 January 2019. Presentations and simulation applications are made about the subjects called Day Ahead Market, Intraday Market, Reconciliation, Collateral Management, Free Consumer Transactions.

Day Ahead Market

Intraday Market


Collateral Management

Free Consumer Transactions


Emerging Technologies in Energy / 7

In the last of the Emerging Technologies in Energy trainings , Member of WEC Turkey, Can ARSLAN was our guest. ARSLAN provided training on “Blockchain, Digital Transition on Energy Sector and  The Future of Electricity Storage Systems” at the WEC Workshop.