Introduction to Refining and Refinery Products
Ziya Gürün

This week on WEC Workshop, TÜPRAS Technical Services and R&D Director Ziya GÜRÜN was our guest. With Mr. GÜRÜN we talked about refinery flowchart of the crude oil before it became LPG, gasoline, fuel, gas oil, jet oil and etc; then we examined subsidiary areas of usage, marine fuels and product prices.


Introduction to Blockchain and its Applications in Energy

This week, Can ARSLAN, who is a Senior Energy Trading and Origination at Aksa Enerji Ticareti A.Ş, visited WEC Workshop to talk about origins of blockchain and the technological aspects like the reconciliation system and scalability problem. Blockchain’s use in transmission and distribution levels in the energy sector, support mechanisms and investment funds was then scrutinised.


Feasibility Studies in Energy Projects
Gengiz GÜNEŞ

This week on WEC Workshop, Energy Investment Specialist Gengiz GÜNEŞ, has talked about the advantages in financing energy projects, project finance deposits, credit request reviews and follow-up procedures, assessment criteria for feasibility studies of projects and financial indicators that measure project profitability.

Turkish Natural Gas Market

This week at WEC Workshop, GAZBİR General Manager Cem ÖNAL visited us to talk about investments in natural gas distribution market, pricing, penetration and consumption, making a general assessment for 2018.


Introduction to Energy Tariffs in Turkey
Mehmet ERTÜRK 

Our Administrative Board Member, Mehmet ERTÜRK, has visited us at WEC Workshop to talk about why energy regulation and tariffs are needed, tariff methods and their determinants. We then studied the tariffs regulated in the electricity market.


Energy Modelling with R Training Series

The “Energy Modelling with R” Training Series took place between March 27th – April 17 with Ezgi AVCI under WEC Workshop.

  1. Introduction to Energy Modelling with R
  2. Artificial Intelligence Methods in Energy Modelling with R
  3. Price Analysis and Forecasting in Energy Modelling with R
  4. Demand Analysis and Estimation in Energy Modelling with R

Introduction to Energy Politics and Legal Framework, Institutions and Regulations
Cengiz GÜNEŞ

This week on WEC Workshop, Energy Investment Specialist Cengiz GÜNEŞ was our visitor. GÜNEŞ talked about a number of topics ranging from energy policies, energy activities of institutions, legal sources, sources of risk, factors that determine supply and demand, to projections for 2018 for Turkey and the world economy; as well as competition, project financing statistics and procurement guarantees for resources.

Developments in Natural Gas in Turkey and the Region
Gökhan YARDIM 

Gökhan YARDIM, chemical engineer m.sc. i., visited us this week at WEC Workshop to review the process of Turkey’s natural gas market today. We evaluated the purchase formulas, new supply opportunities and the integration of  Turkey into the European gas trading centers.


Solar Roof Practices

GÜNDER Deputy Chairman Mehmet İzzet ÖZAYDIN and Secretary General Faruk TELEMCİOĞLU were our guests at WEC Workshop for the week. The topics fpr discussion were GÜNDER projects and the selection criteria for photovoltaic panels.


Download “Choosing Photovoltaic Panels”

Download “Solar Roof Practices”

Competition and Energy

In this week’s workshop, our guest was Mert KARAMUSTAFAOĞLU, Competition and Compliance Expert. The workshop covered topics such as the basic concepts in Competition Law, the horizontal agreements in the energy sector and its types and talked about recent investigations in the electricity sector in an interactive training format.