This week, the Young Energy Professionals Platform’s workshop hosted Director General of Renewable Energy, Dr. Oğuz CAN. In his presentation to young professionals, Dr. CAN has analysed the following trends which are expected to set the energy agenda in the coming period:

  • General Directorate of Renewable Energy’s operation map,
  • The outcomes of some of the past cues that signaled a transition in the sector and the importance of being able to read these signals for the future,
  • Recent trend figures in Turkey and the world concerning renewable energy,
  • The challenges faced when adopting and adapting to innovative approaches and tips on how to handle them,
  • Climate change and the impact on climate change,
  • The role of renewable energy, YEKA and energy efficiency in the National Energy and Mining Policy of Turkey,
  • Energy efficiency and National Action Plan,
  • Smart cities,
  • Digitalisation in energy,
  • On-site generation,
  • Led lightning,
  • Critical technologies,
  • Energy storage and trends,
  • Electrical vehicles,
  • Smart measuring technologies


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