As part of our workshop activities, we have completed our DEK-TANAP Academy Program in cooperation with TANAP. A total of 88 participants have participated in the 6-week program. The program includes trainings on the following subjects:

Week 1
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Period Environmental Studies
  • Project Archeology Studies
Week 2
  • Social and Environmental Investment Programs
  • Resettlement Action Plan-RAP and Livelihood Restoration Plan-LRP
Week 3
  • Construction Period Environmental Measures
  • Social Impact Studies in the ÇSED Period, National and International Practices
Week 4
  • Project Lender Process and Environmental Requirements
  • Designment and ISG
Week 5
  • Project Quality Management
  • Occupational Health and Safety Planning in Projects with a Large Number of Employers – Overview
Week 6
  • Grievance Mechanism and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Road Safety

Certificates to the participants benefiting from the program were given with the participation of Energy and Natural Resources Deputy Minister and Chairman of the World Energy Council Turkey Mr. Alparslan BAYRAKTAR, TANAP General Manager Mr. Saltuk DÜZYOL, TANAP Deputy General Manager Mustafa AYAN and TANAP Quality, Occupational Health and Safety, Social and Environment Director Fatih ERDEM.

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