Yılmaz ADA

Yılmaz ADA was born in 1968 in Elazığ. He graduated from Yıldız Technical University Department of Electrical Engineering in 1990 and began his professional life in Ankara.

Between 1990-1997, he worked in the construction and inspection offices of the General Directorate for Foundations and General Directorate for Constructions’ new construction, repair and monumental offices as well as carrying out the control engineer work in the constructions carried out there. Between 1997-1998 he coordinated construction works which were tendered by the General Directorate of Foundations as consultant to the Minister. At the beginning of 1998, he voluntarily left the civil service for the private sector. Between 1998-2010, he was abroad at various intervals. He also worked as a Project Coordinator at companies that operate in the natural gas and construction sectors in Ankara. Mr. ADA, who speaks English and Russian, has been working in Ada Group Construction Systems since he founded her in 2011.